Essay on Teacher Interview-Interview Question Summary

Essay on Teacher Interview-Interview Question Summary

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Teacher Interview
Interview Question Summary
1. How has the student composition in the special classroom changed over time?
Though this is not something that I personally experienced, I am aware that more students with disabilities are being educated now than forty years ago. Education systems have worked to create a better environment for these students. This environment is as free from restrictions as possible and challenges the individual. It did not use to be this way. Some disabilities were excluded. There was not enough funding. Public schools tried to exclude these individuals. It is not this way anymore, as my classroom, one of many, demonstrates.
2. How has the student composition in the general education classroom changed overtime?
As you know, more students with disabilities have been entering general education classrooms due to changes in legislation. I have had many students with different disabilities in my classroom. I have had students with autism, communication disorders, and down syndrome, just to name a few. I have, of course, had plenty of typically developing students as well. .
3. How has the diagnosis and assessment of students with exceptional needs changed over time?
More methods have been developed to assist in the identification and diagnosis of disabilities. Professionals are beginning to understand what might have caused a child to develop their disability. The more that is learned, the better I can help m y students with these disabilities. Knowledge helps create strategies individualized to the student. Even in the past ten years, there has been much advancement in the assessment and monitoring of these students. They are being seen as people and not their diagnosis. Many are held at the same stan...

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.... Brown is a preschool teacher who currently has several students on IEPs in her classroom.
The educator that I interviewed thinks highly of inclusion. As we were discussing inclusion, we discussed the inclusive early childhood education program that I am enrolled in. She was thrilled to hear that Ohio joined the handful of states that have universities that offer this type of program and was excited to see how it impacts the education system in Ohio.
I believe that after interviewing this educator, I have a better understanding of the changes that occurred in my future field. Though I am aware of the history of special education and education in general, I think that it is something different completely to be told about the changes in education from someone who
*Names have been changed

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Anonymous Interviewee. (March 26, 2014). Personal communication.

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