Teacher Interview : A Teacher Essay

Teacher Interview : A Teacher Essay

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Teacher Interview Essay
While attending Miami Edison Sr. High school, I had the honor of interviewing my field experience teacher Mr. Armand. He was born in Haiti. He came to America when he was 13. He graduated from Miami Edison Sr. high in 1992. He earned his associated in art degree at Miami Dade College. In 2001 he graduated from Florida International University with his bachelor in art and master degrees. He has taught at Miami Edison for 15 years. He teaches intensive mathematics and college algebra. He only teach 10-12 grader.
Curriculum/ Subject Knowledge
1. What inspire you to choose the teacher profession?
2. His respond: I choose the teacher profession because I believe that all students can learn. They all have the ability to achieve something great in life.
3. How have you encouraged the less motivated students to participate in the lesson and do their assignment?
His respond: I let all my students know that they are at least responsible for paying attention. They do get called upon and I always make sure that everyone get a chance to participate. As far as their work is concerned, I believe is their responsibility to make sure that their assignment is turn in, in time.
4. How do you integrate technology into your teaching and into students’ learning?
His respond: I integrate technology into my teaching style by letting them work through course content at their own. They learn best when it is student centered activities.
5. What do you think teacher need to know in order to begin lesson planning for a class?
His respond: In order to begin lesson planning for a class, you need to do hands on activities that can be completed efficiently at the start of a lesson or the topic.
Instructional Techniques
6. What do ...

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...riences. When they begins to realize that he or she can do things that will give them the right attitude to achieve even more.
15. What three things do you most want to know about your students?
His respond: The three things I want to know about my students are personal interests, family history, and disability or any other disability so I know how to teach them.
During my interview with Mr. Armand I can honestly say the way he teach his class is appropriate. He makes sure that communication between his and him students were clear. He’s like a parents and a teacher to them. I learned that it is not as easy to be a teacher as everyone thinks it would be but at the same time if you understand your students and their interest everything will be fine. I learned that being a teacher means to help your students succeed at everything they do little by little.

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