Targeting Customer And Marketing Audit Essay

Targeting Customer And Marketing Audit Essay

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on 2: Targeting customer & Marketing audit (CELIA)

Targeting audit
We can say that every person/tourists are different from one another and feel attracted by different touristic destinations. For example, some like 5 stars’ hotels in a calm and quiet area whether others tend to favor road trips in Asia. However, we can still find similarities between each other such as willing to experience culture tourism. It is still important to highlight that as per the tourism industry it is quite difficult to cater for each person.

Demographic profile>

- Age: (If we consider that we are talking about the person who book the trip) From 18 till 80 years old.
- Population UK: 64. 1 Million (2015)
- Gender: Female and Male
- Countries of origin: to start since we will be based in London, we addressed this to UK citizens and residents.
- Race: All, no distinction
- Economic status: UK is a wealthy country and for our business we will be targeting pretty much all type of economic status since we would be able to fit the holidays in regards to the revenues of each person
- Level of education: N/A
- Income level: Relates to the economic status. However, regarding the UK, it is interesting to highlight that in general people earn 10£ per hour. In 2013, median income was around £21, 000 a year but again this will wary regarding where you live, what you do for living and so on. (
- Household types: families, young student or workers, single person, married or couples.

Psychographic profile>
- Want and need to travel. However, do not want to be concerned by booking trips by himself
- Enjoy travelling and discovering new countries/cities
- Tends to favor human contact while...

... middle of paper ...

...omies of scale that should be taken into account: bigger the industry better it will be for any companies who want to enter in the tourism industry

3) Bargaining power customers is high
a. Since customers can change providers whenever they want without incurring any costs
b. This where loyalty bond with customers has to be created and has to be strong. It can be very difficult to create one regarding all the websites already online
c. Buyers are price sensitive and they have access to any type of information via Internet

4) Treat of substitute is low
a. They are so many substitute already on the market,
b. Others could be created
c. Traveling is part of every household life. It is a recreational activity and people need it in order to fulfill their everyday tasks (jobs or studying)

5) Bargaining power suppliers is low
a. The cost for switching suppliers is low

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