Essay on Taking a Look at Ancient Greece

Essay on Taking a Look at Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece

"Perhaps you think your granddad's old? Perhaps you've got antiques? But those aren't really old at all. Compared to Ancient Greeks. They lived thousands of years ago. Way back in ancient times. -Paul Perro
There is lots to learn about ancient greece. How they ate or how they hunt or maybe they just went to Punt! The food and drinks that made them full. Or the art now in the mart. There is ton to learn about Ancient greece. Ancient Greece has full-action, non stop, amazing information. The food, religion, clothing,shelter, artistic expression, power and authority, and much more. There is lots to learn .
The Olympics (still going today) was super important to the Greeks. They did many sport. After they ran, jumped, swam. They was very famished. They went home and ate lots of food. The food they ate is similar to the food that we eat today. They ate cheese from goat and fish and arugula and asparagus and bulbs. They also ate cabbage and apples and figs and bird and chicken and much more.The land wasn't fertile. So they made the land fertile with irrigation.. Meat was eaten rarely but was used as religious sacrifice. The poor never ate meat except on religious festival. The cows and pigs were burned for the Gods and goddesses. Then they would hand out the meat to the people. Wine was the main drink they drank.They rarely drank milk but they used it to make cheese. They didn’t have eating utensils so they used their hands. When they ate soup, they used bread. symposiums is a dinner for only mens. They allowed the young boys and girls to entertain the guests. Breakfast and lunch was just a simple meal but dinner was their main meal of the day. To clean their hands they used bread to wipe their hands and the dogs or th...

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..." Archaic and hellenistic and the classic period is three different art concept. Archaic has the people stiff with their arms on their side. The classical period had the people relaxed which had a success. Hellenistic was a culturalistic period .Because Alexander the great conquered most of Asia, they were influence to make art about Asia conquered. Paintings were enjoyed and one of the most important art to the Greeks. Unfortunately, only a few painting survived because it was destroyed. The Greeks were talented at painting. We know this because of the pottery that did survive. The Greeks were also talented builders. They built the Acropolis and Parthenon which is both located in Athens. They are both one of the oldest and the best buildings. The structures were also inspired by Gods. Like the Temple of Olympian Zeus or the Temple of Poseidon or Temple of Apollo.

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