The Syrian War And Isis Essay

The Syrian War And Isis Essay

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Because of the Syrian War and ISIS, many places are now derelict and cannot support their citizens. Therefore, over 160,000 refugees wish to seek asylum within the EU, but Europe cannot financially support this influx. With its already struggling economy, Europe cannot afford to provide necessities such as housing, available jobs, welfare benefits, healthcare, and transportation to all Syrian Refugees, while providing safety to its own citizens from attacks such as the Paris Bombings. Many of the major powers such as Germany, Sweden, and France are heading in a humanitarian direction and coaxing others to follow. However, countries such as Hungary, Austria, and the Arab States wish to defend their current policies, economies, and limit asylum, thereby placing strain on other countries.
So far, Iceland’s ally Germany and the executives of the EU have proposed a quota system which seeks to evenly distribute the migrants across EU; however, it has been vetoed by the majority of nations. This policy, called the Königsteiner key, has only been semi-successful in Germany because although many people have found shelter in Germany, many others reside in anti-Muslim locations or have been treated inhumanely across their treacherous journey in countries such as Hungary where people were treated as prisoners. It also does not distribute the migrants among Germany in a long term manner as it only uses the tax revenue and population of each city. Iceland has had a growing amount of immigration, which is increasing by around 1.5% annually. Instead of deteriorating the job market, these young immigrants have helped Iceland with a source of labor shortage. In 2007, Iceland released a document to protect these immigrants’ rights. It was an actio...

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...needs for other countries by utilizing its abundant renewable energy. Due to both social and economic reasons, countries have the obligation to convince their government leaders that climate change is happening at a drastic rate and institute policies now regarding clean energy for the welfare of their people and as mandated by the Kyoto Protocol. According to many experts, one being Bill McKibben, even though the carbon budget takes place, a total of 565 gigatons of Carbon is being used. Although this may seem productive in the short term, the long term losses far outweigh the short term gains. Farming lands will become arid; storms will devastate relief funds; territory wars will exacerbate; economic growth will severely slow down. If we carry out immediate change, consumers will save money in the long term, and renewable energy will help invigorate the job market.

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