Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Syrian Refugee Crisis Since 2012, the Syrian refugee crisis had increased over the next twelve months. According to UNHCR, in September of 2013, one million refugees left Syria during the first two years of the crisis. The second million fled Syria in just six months (Syria crisis: Thousands of refugees flee violence).
Why they fled, what’s the cause? In 2011 a protest broke out challenging the author of President Bashar Assad. The government cracked down on the group of protesters violently killing many of them. Now eleven million people, about half of the population have fled and have taken refuge in other countries, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan mainly. Because of war, conflict and persecution, all around the globe, sixty million people
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Over eighty percent of the refugees are staying in normal cities and towns. Some got the unlucky end of the deal and have to stay in refugee camps. Shelly Culberton the author of Syrian refugees: All you need to know have visited one of the camps and spoke to one of the refugees this is what part of the article said about the camps “The camps that have been set up are not large enough to accommodate all of the refugees. Many refugees that I have spoken with want to live outside of the camps. One described them as “not fit for humans.” They do not like living in tents, with their movements confined, or with little privacy. People like to be independent, work for a living and live in decent housing.” (Syrian refugees: All you need to…show more content…
This is a lost generation of children, they all have witnessed extreme trauma. They are growing up without the proper access to education and the proper health care and most of them living in tents or basements. Most of the Syrian children do not attend school, because some parents can’t work about ten percent of Syrian children are involved in child labor. Some parents make their daughters get married early because they could not afford them anymore (Syrian Refugees: All You Need to Know). According to Newsweek the article “Syrian Refugees: All you need to know” the author of the article Shelly Culbertson with a man and this is what it said, “A Syrian man I spoke with in August in Lebanon is the father of street children, meaning they spend their days hawking tissues on the streets. He said that people criticized him because his children work. But he can’t work. His family lived in a tent on the beach that was destroyed by a storm. And he said that if his children did not peddle tissues, they would starve.” (Syrian Refugees: All You Need to
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