Symptoms And Symptoms Of Yellow Fever Essay examples

Symptoms And Symptoms Of Yellow Fever Essay examples

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When a deadly disease come to mind, one may think of Ebola or MERS, but for centuries—before either of those diseases were born—Yellow Fever wreaked havoc as one of the most deadly and rapidly spreading diseases. Unlike many illnesses associated with age or weakness, Yellow Fever affects seemingly healthy people; mostly men who work outdoors especially in tropical environments (i.e. loggers, farmers, construction workers) (“Yellow Fever” Gale Encyclopedia). This is because yellow fever—a virus—is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. Although it has been mostly eradicated from North America and Europe, millions of people are at risk to yellow fever every day, mostly in Sub-Saharan Equatorial Africa or South America (“Yellow Fever” World Heath Organization). The main challenge preventing world heath organizations from eradicating the disease is a vaccine shortage preventing those most at risk from being immunized. Even though a safe and reliable vaccine exists, it is not readily available in developing countries across the endemic zones (“Yellow Fever” Center for Disease Control). Thus, every year nearly 200,000 cases of Yellow Fever are reported, 30,000 of which are fatal. The future of Yellow Fever does not look positive either, as increased urbanization across Africa will likely cause Yellow Fever to spread from the rural villages it currently infects, to areas of denser population(“Yellow Fever—Timeline”).
Yellow Fever begins in a jungle where mosquitos carrying the yellow fever virus infect other primates, mostly monkeys (although no adverse effects occur). Next, mosquitos in the outlying plains and savannahs infect humans after biting Yellow Fever monkeys. In Africa, this case is the most common since villages and town...

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...e urban outbreaks. The continuing demographic shift in Africa—from rural agricultural areas to urban metropolises may result in less cases overall since less people inhabit the rural areas, but more severe and rapidly spreading outbreaks if the disease does occur (“Yellow Fever” Center for Disease Control). Also, increased logging, agriculture, and tourism in the Amazon may lead to more cases of Yellow Fever in South America. Hopefully a vaccine will be available to impoverished and remote populations in Africa and South America. Additionally, medicine to cure the disease may be developed by Biopharmaceutical companies, especially since the increased funding that they are receiving as a result of the Ebola outbreaks. Continuing measures to reduce mosquito populations would make rural areas safer to inhabit and cut down on not only Yellow Fever cases but also Malaria.

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