The Disease Yellow Fever

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The Disease Yellow Fever Throughout history many different diseases have infected the world. Such diseases consist of measles, mumps, malaria, typhus and yellow fever. Many of these diseases are caused by different things and originated in different countries. Yellow fever is a deadly disease caused by a viral infection that is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Although it is found to be most common in males in their early 20's, yellow fever can affect any sex, race, or age. Since yellow fever is carried by mosquitoes, it is most often found in areas such as Central America, the northern half of South America, and Central Africa where mosquitoes are abundant. The reason why it is found so often in these regions is because they are very close to the equatorial line, and are there for hot, moist, tropical environs. Yellow fever is also found in other areas besides the ones listed above. It can also be carried throughout South America and all of Africa. Even though it can be carried to these places it is more often than not confined to areas surrounding the equator because mosquitoes have short life spans and yellow fever can be contracted and spread all year long in these tropical regions. In certain places, such as North America, yellow fever has been totally eliminated and the government suggests vaccination for the disease if a citizen is leaving the country. There are many symptoms of yellow fever and they vary depending on the severity of the disease. Some of the symptoms are basically normal and would not lead the sufferer to believe that something was seriously wrong. The first symptoms, fever, headache, nausea, and backache are common and appear soon after a patient has contracted t... ... middle of paper ... ... pains, there is also the risk for these people may actually come down with the actual disease itself and not just receive the vaccination. Side effects are usually present within 5-10 days of the vaccination. Knowing beforehand, these people should not travel to tropical regions without being extremely cautious, because of the high risk of getting infected. In the case that a pregnant woman must travel to the tropical region, then she should be vaccinated, but should wait until after delivery to avoid complications associated with the vaccine. Babies are not candidates for receiving the vaccination. People traveling to the tropical region must carry a certificate stating that they have received the vaccination, which is good for 10 years, so that the local government is aware that the person has absolutely no risk of contracting this extremely deadly virus.

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