Swot Analysis : Customer Service Essay

Swot Analysis : Customer Service Essay

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1.) Americatel is positioned within the small to mid-sized market in the telecommunications sector. However, their primary competitors Movistar and Claro compete within the large-sized market. With only 10% overall market share, Americatel has the potential to capture additional growth as the industry growth rate is growing at 6%. To accomplish this we recommend that Americatel own their position in the small to mid-sized market by capitalizing on their competitive advantage of providing superior customer service as well as leveraging new solutions to further drive customer satisfaction.

Presently, Americatel is known in the industry for providing excellent customer service. However, most companies say they believe in good customer service, but few set up a system to ensure that they provide it and actually achieve customer satisfaction. Delivering superior customer service takes both understanding what your customers want and a way to see that they receive it. Having identified this attribute as a competitive advantage, Americatel can further strengthen their position in the small to mid-size market by implementing customer experience management techniques. First and foremost, customer satisfaction must be measured across all departments; this can be done with the use of a companywide survey and/or measurement of exit and abandonment rates. Additionally, Americatel should evaluate the loyalty of customers as customer loyalty is an excellent parallel for customer satisfaction as it’s used to describe the behavior of repeat customers.

Another method for leveraging superior customer service is with the investment in a formalized training program for the sales department in addition to developing cross-training programs across al...

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...ored to meet the needs of the customers. That is, “At Americatel we tailor our communication tools to meet exactly what YOU need, and no one else in the industry can do this for you.” This brings us back to the recommendation of cross training and restructured incentives as the sales force will need to be cross trained/ cross incentivized to meet that expectation.

With the right resources and solutions in place, Americatel can more easily recognize the customer touchpoint process and deliver customer centric experiences that are valued, and that can ultimately lead to decreased customer acquisition costs, reduced customer deflection, improved employee satisfaction and retention as well as greater efficiencies. All of which provide a competitive advantage that larger companies, no matter how much they attempt to cut prices or spend on innovation, can compete with.

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