Supermarket Chains And The Supermarket Chain Essay

Supermarket Chains And The Supermarket Chain Essay

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Since from 19th century, the supermarket appeared in our lives. With the developing of supermarket, there are many lager supermarket chains now and we can see it everywhere with different companies which not only UK local but also other countries, such as Tesco, Sainsbury 's, Metro, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. In 2015, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury 's occupy 28.4%, 17.1% and 16.9% of the whole markets (Wikipedia) which means the large supermarket chains hold the most market. So this essay is aimed to show that in what extent the positive things that the lager supermarket chains can offer to the customers. Firstly, it will show the convenience that large supermarket chains can offer to customers. Then it focuses on some serves that the customers can get. At the end it will talk about that large supermarket chains may monopoly the market and the supermarket competition and how the competitions benefit customers.
Customers can go to the widespread large supermarket chains for shopping and have more choice for goods. It is very easy to find a supermarket in the street and you may see many different markets just in the same street. The supermarkets are widespread in our daily lives and offer us much convenience. In the 1850s, go shopping may meant going to the far away open-air markets or specialist cheesemongers to buy the butter, cheese, fresh egg and bacon from framer and sugar, cocoa, tea and coffee from grocers (William.Y, 2004). Now you can buy all of these things in the supermarket just near your living or working place. Large supermarket chains depended on huge company or group which has sufficient funds can spread everywhere, such as Tesco. In addition, the large companies may acquire the small one which could expand the sprea...

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...ers can get the cheap things and take some activities in the supermarket. And some promotions may keep a long time which can attract customers come back for shopping. Even some customers may only come to the market when it has the promotion activity because it can save much more money and enjoy the feeling of shopping.
It has been showed that large supermarket chains can offer many positive things for customers, even though they may have some monopoly. It gives the customers convenience for shopping because of its widespread and have more choice for goods.
It also offers the well serves, such as online retail, self-checkout and door-to-door delivery. And customers could get the cheap price when promotion and take some activities. With the developing of it, supermarket may offer more advantage to customers but also may appear some different problem we may face with.

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