Sun Tzu: A Heroic Strategist Philosopher Essay

Sun Tzu: A Heroic Strategist Philosopher Essay

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Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher who was known as a heroic strategist. Sun Tzu authored the “Art of War” which was an ancient Chinese book based on military strategies, that significantly influenced Asian history and culture. Five factors made up Sun Tzu’s philosophy of strategies: Moral Ethics, Climate, Terrain, Leadership, and Methods, all need to achieve a victory in battle. By mastering all five factors, Sun Tzu won countless wars. Although, Sun Tzu’s philosophy was based on war, all five factors could apply to a business environment.

The most important factor of Sun Tzu’s philosophy is moral ethics, or in other words Tao. Tao, which stands for ‘philosophy’ or ‘the way’, is the essential core of Sun Tzu’s philosophy. This factor forms unity of an army. When thinking strategically moral ethics is the key factor to further success. Sun Tzu said, “We can form a single united body, while the enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole, which means that we shall be many to the enemy’s few” (Sun Tzu's Art of War in English Illustrated). Towards war, moral ethics causes an army to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow, regardless of their lives, and undismayed by any danger. An army utilizes their abilities as a whole unit instead of several individuals. Similarly, in a business environment moral ethics plays a major role. It allows co-workers to work as a team to get the job done. It helps serve the requirements of people that have the business mission centered on them. Moral ethics helps attract employees, customers, supporters, and other associating allies towards a business.

The second factor of Sun Tzu’s philosophy is clima...

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