Summary Of ' Three A Day For Intimacy ' Essay

Summary Of ' Three A Day For Intimacy ' Essay

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Weiss has learned through years of counseling that couples who do not plan for times of intimacy will have limited sexual success. Many believe that after marriage all will be happily ever after, but have little or no training to reach that goal. “Yet they are often not equipped with knowledge that will encourage the building of intimacy in their marriage for a lifetime of satisfaction.” (p. 147) In the beginning couples are busy sharing about where to live, schooling, church to attend, and social events. Due to the daily communications, the intimacy is present, but in time life settles into a routine or pattern where communication is not needed or reduced and they slowly draw apart. They don’t know how it happens, but it does. They become like two well-worn slippers in the closet, comfortable with each other but no real passion. Weiss gives the classic story about the loss of passion on page 148-149. So busy with life that their personal communications slowed down to a drip of water. “Occasionally they reassured each other of their mutual love and would sometimes talk about sex-but neither one followed through.” (p. 149) Passion is the reward for making the proper investments in the priorities of marriage (p. 149).
The author says you are to go back to the beginning and remember the things you did to impress your future wife. Remember the little things you did to let her know you were the one to marry. You planned your whole world around her including your days off work. You read Scripture, prayed together, and spent time discussing spiritual things. Compliments were given in bunches about her looks, her cooking, and her smarts. It is time to reset those priorit...

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...e types of spouses. Spouse number one is critical of you most of the time. You can’t do anything right. The second spouse is silent most of the time. She does not praise or compliment you. You have to do everything because she feels to inferior. Spouse number three knows how to compliment you as a man. She stops in the day to say nice things about you. Which of the three would you choose? Weiss says that you can start over again. He has an exercise with guidelines similar to the one used for feeling. A commitment and perseverance to this exercise will make a great influence on your intimacy. Weiss now reviews the chapter and refers to Appendix C for sample conversations to use in the three dailies. He states that he would not ask you to do anything that he and his spouse has not already done. A personal testimony is given as to how they practiced these three dailies.

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