Essay on Summary Of ' The Yard For A Search Warrant '

Essay on Summary Of ' The Yard For A Search Warrant '

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"There you two are! I thought we were going to have to call the Yard for a search warrant!" Alexis Midford smiles, spotting the twins ' shadows approaching the patio.

"Abigail had to help me get my gear together." Elliot explains, setting his bag on the ground and plopping down in one of the near by lawn chairs.

"How was the hunt, Abby?" Edward inquires next to Elizabeth, who he had been conversing quietly with until the twins approached.

Abigail beams, hugging her rifle to her chest. "It was great! I nearly bested grandma!" She says, throwing a cheeky grin to her grandmother.

Frances rolls her eyes. "It will be another five years before you can best me child." She says.

Abigail laughs. "Oh come now, grandma! I think shooting a hawk in flight is far more impressive than a few foxes and a couple pheasants." She smirks at her grandfather 's applause and her uncle 's impressed whistle.

"You are forgetting, granddaughter, that you only shot that, a couple of rabbits, and a doe. The rest that you gunned down were trees." The marchioness reminds, eliciting laughter from the others. "The final score was seven to four." She adds.

Abigail pouts, cheeks stinging with pinkness. "Well I think a doe and a hawk are worth far more than one point." She argues.

"Hunting is a sport of quantity dear, not quality." Frances says simply, flicking her cowlick over her shoulder.

Abigail places her hands on her hips before tromping over to an empty seat next to her grandfather. She plops down in it and folds her arms in frustration.

Alexis pats her head with a smile. "Don 't worry, Abby. At least Fanny said five years instead of ten like usual. That shows you have potential." He soothes.

Abigail perks up at this. "I suppose you...

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...o his sister. Her hands are knotted into her hair and her elbows rest against her knees. "She is only trying to help, Lizzy." He says quietly.

"I don 't want to hear it Edward." Elizabeth says, exasperation in her lilt.

Edward gets up from his chair and places a soft hand on her shoulder. "Just promise me you will at least consider mother 's words."

"You already know the answer to that, brother." Elizabeth answers.

Edward chuckles, "Unfortunately I do." He says sadly before collecting his jacket and shrugging it on. "Goodbye Lizzy." He says.

"Goodbye." She replies hoarsely.

Edward bestows her one more departing gaze before turning to leave.

Once his footsteps are out of range, Elizabeth sits up. She pushes her bangs out of her eyes and looks up at the cloudy sky. "What should I do, Ciel?" She asks the clouds.

The clash of thunder is her only reply.

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