Summary of Ted Talk: Scientific Research Essay

Summary of Ted Talk: Scientific Research Essay

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The invention of technology has affected every aspect of our lives both in education, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and others. Technology has been the pillar behind many scientific breakthroughs in finding more effective ways of treating diseases.
The TED talk show discusses many important discoveries made by researchers from all workers of life.
A paleontologist Jack Horner discussed how to genetically engineered dinosaur by using chicken DNA. He was in the opinion that birds have similar characteristics of dinosaur. The DNA of dinosaur cannot be used to genetically modified dinosaur because dinosaur DNA breaks down quickly. He stated that a biological modification tools called atavism activation will be the best method to use in this process whereby a developing embryo of a bird or chicken cells and parts of body is resorbing by turning the genes responsible for the different stages of development off to create chickenosaurus.
Also, Francis Collins is director of the National Institutes of Health talked about how we can use human genome to discover drugs for treat...

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