Artist-Engineers During the Renaissance

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Through the years, developments in Science and Technology can be noticed. Advancement in science and technology have made life better, easier, and efficient. Take computers, as an example. In old days, computers were as big as a room, and were not comfortable to use because the computer screen can damage the eyes. Conversely today, computers are small as the size of our palm, and has better display. Unlike the computers in the past, which were slow and has limited functionalities, computers in the present time are fast and has all the functionalities an individual needs for his or her everyday life. Technology is still developing to improve the life of every living creature on Earth. However, such developments will not happen without the contributions of the people in the past specially the individuals during the Renaissance, which is the time when intellect, and artistic achievements were being recognized.

The quote mentioned above applies to the artist engineers during the Renaissance, who had spent most of their lifetime in doing research, experiments, and observations, in order to improve the human knowledge. They did not aim for fame and money while doing their project. Their main goal was to provide observation based information, and machines that will help humanity. Such Artist engineers includes, Paolo Toscanelli, Filippo Brunelleschi, Leone Battista Alberti, Galileo Galilei and others. Their ideas, inventions, and discoveries have been widely used in areas such as science, mathematics, music, arts, and others. Paolo Toscanelli, a Florentine astronomer and cosmographer, for example. Without his observations about the Sun’s altitude at different seasons, in order to estimate how big other continents were , he will not be able create a map that will help Christopher Columbus, a young voyager, on his expedition, and support Marco Polo’s idea that the Earth is Round . There would not be a Google Map, or a GPS (Global Positioning System). Moreover, without Filippo Brunelleschi’s hoist, humans will not be able to build skyscrapers and other buildings ii. Individuals, in the present time, will not be able to see 3D animated movies and other graphics without Brunelleschi’s and Leone Battista Alberti’s principle of linear perspective. Alberti’s book has also helped civil engineers and architectures in building roads, and buildings. These artist engineers have greatly contributed to make human’s way of living better, but one artist engineer had a great impact not only in the science community, but also to the whole world.