Essay on Summary Of ' I Tell You '

Essay on Summary Of ' I Tell You '

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“Oui, maman?” Marcel said. Speaking French to his mother was fruitless. Monte taught the language to the children at a very young age, but Savannah couldn’t comprehend it. She tried, and a few things she could pick up on, but either than that, she was completely lost. She used to get so furious because the two would speak to each other in an keep secrets from her, like most children do. Eventually it became a rule to not to speak anything but English to their mother. As the two got older, that rule began to fade.

“Marcel Prewitt. What did I tell you ‘bout talkin’ that way to me?”

The boy’s features went colorless. His father came up behind him and gave him a hearty slap on the shoulder with his free hand,” Come now, we shouldn’t focus on such mediocre things. Now, what is it that you wanted us for, darling?”

Savannah hugged herself, shrugging her shoulders. She was nervous about something, such an oddity for her. Marcel and Abree shared a glance with each other and then both looked to their father, who stood stoically and unfazed. The woman spoke up again,” We’ve been called to the King for some urgent business.”

“Alright! Then let’s head to it!” Abree said, trying to shake off the tension in the room. Their mother never acted this way.

“Not so fast.” Her mother stopped her,” There’s more.”

“Look, mom. The King hardly ever calls upon us. You know how much against fighting he is. He probably just wants another long and boring meeting.” Marcel tried to be the voice of reason.

“Let me finish!” She snapped,” Those demon things have been destroying everything. I just herd news that they need us at the palace.”

“Oh.” The two s...

... middle of paper ...

... of what he assumed to be her bedroom door. Then the boy looked to his parents for some kind of,”go” signal.

“You are closest to Cammi. Please, just ask her about the monsters and how we can defeat them. Heck, even reason with them. Can you do that?” His father asked with more concern to his voice than softness.
Their son nodded and was off without much else. He too, wasn’t happy about the whole ordeal either, but Abree throwing her tantrum was probably enough as it was. Besides, he didn’t wish to fight. Those things were enough fighting fuel as it was. He despised the idea of going up against another one ever again. However, his parents aren’t as young and swift as they used to be, no matter how much they tried to proclaim otherwise. Not to mention his father’s arm. Cammi was probably the best bet, and he needed to get her up and going fast.

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