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Stephen King is one of the most respected and well known men to ever write horror stories, behind Edgar Allen Poe of course. Stephen King is very famous all around the world for his novels such as It, Halloween, Carrie, The Shining, Pet Cemetery, as well as another amazing fifty-nine other novels. I have only read three of Kings books, Carrie, Pet Cemetery, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, which I have selected for my book report. Personally The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was my least favorite, I did not find it frightening at all, and a little boring at times. It seemed like a nine year old would not be as intelligent as the the girl in the book and very unrealistic. Not that any of his other books are realistic, just this one did not satisfy me with the amount of horror even though it is classified as a horror story.
Trisha McFarland, a nine year old in the year of 1998 from Maine, is the main character of the novel. She is a child of a troubled family. Trisha's parents recently got a divorce, and her brother seems to always argue with their mother as sort of a rebellious state of punishment for leaving their father. This always left the mother and the brother constantly arguing with Trisha feeling left out and depressed. This is why during their hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail in Maine, her mother and brother failed to notice that Trisha hadn't continue hiking with them after she stopped to pee and really got lost. She stayed semi-sane by hallucinating her idol, Tom Gordon a pitcher for the Boston Red Socks, was with her to help her though her situations.
If I was directing the movie of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon I would choose Willow Shields as my main character, for the part of Trisha McFarland. Willow Shields p...

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... in the novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon I would choose to talk to Pete McFarland. Speaking from experiencing conflict within my family, I know that arguing does not solve any problems, it just digs you deeper into your hole of problems. Pete cannot change his parents wishes to split up and is just making their situation worse by antagonizing the parents to get back together when they're clearly not right for each other. Pete needs to learn to move on and accept it even though it might be very tough for him to accomplish, but its best for the family so he needs to see that. He is also upsetting his young sister when he argues with their mother, which leads her to drop back from them while hiking so she could get some peace and quiet not being able to deal with the conflicts anymore. Pete needs to start being a role model for her instead of someone she despises.

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