Summary Of ' I Don 't Think I Can Do It This Way Essay

Summary Of ' I Don 't Think I Can Do It This Way Essay

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Hiroshi attempted to say something, but instead he clasped this hands together and and placed them over his lips and lowered his head. Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath in through his nose and slowly exhaled it. After a few seconds of breathing, he opened his eyes and lowered his hands.

“Alright Yoshi, the way we are going to play this one is that we will take a hand full of these straws and cut one of them so that it is the shortest one. You will then make a fist with all the straws inserted to appear to be the same height. Whoever pulls the shortest straw loses and will have to go and check the girl.”

“ you are saying the loser picks the shortest straw and will have to go and check the girl and the winner does not have to. It looks like the winner gets nothing but the loser does. I don’t think I can do it this way.”

“Oh good grief Yoshi!...We don’t have time for this foolishness!” Hiroshi shouted as he snatched the straws out of Yoshi’s hand and threw them as far as he could. “Will nothing work for you?!!!”

Yoshi stood there with his mouth open, eyes peeled and glued on Hiroshi, who walked away from him to find a place to sit down, grabbing his head and gazing at the ground.

He walked over to Hiroshi, “If this is your way of trying to avoid checking on the woman, it’s not going to work.”

“What?! I’m trying to get out of checking the woman?!” said Hiroshi now standing up. “I’m trying to get out of checking the woman?”

“At least you are honest about it...I...”, said Yoshi before being quickly interrupted.

“THAT WAS NOT A CONFESSION!” yelled Hiroshi. “This is absurd!”

Hiroshi then marched back over to his previous sitting spot and practically threw himself down there, resting his head in his hands.


... middle of paper ...

...and gently pressed on Hiroshi’s bunched up eyebrows.

“Let go of your thoughts of the future Hiroshi, embrace this moment. This is now your chance with destiny, make the most of it.”

Hiroshi relaxed his eyebrows, took a deep breath and let go of his thoughts as he exhaled. Then Master shin rested his hands on the sides of Hiroshi’s shoulders, like he had often done when he was a child.

“I’ve watched you grow from the age of six over the last eleven years and develop into a strong and wise young man,” said Master Shin with teary eyes as he embraced him like a son. “I have taught you everything I know…everything.”

“Hey. Hiroshi! Can you hear me?”asked Yoshi, tugging on his shoulder. “I said what are you going to do?”

For a few moments he looked at Yoshi in silence before turning towards Mayu’s body, “One can not run from his own fate. I will do what must be done.”

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