Essay about Suicide Among Active Duty Troops

Essay about Suicide Among Active Duty Troops

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Working for the U.S military requires active-duty troops to be both mentally and physically strong. Sometimes, some military soldiers are not able to handle the enormous stress that comes along with their duty which results in them to commit suicides. In the article, the author mentions, “Suicides among active-duty troops has averaged a record 33 a month this year, according to Pentagon data through Sep 22.” After analyzing these statistics, one can infer that all the military soldiers are facing problems that are much deeper than just physical issues, which may include financial problems and personal family problems. Also, the author quotes “combating [military suicides] will be a top Pentagon priority, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says.” This phrase from the Defense secretary shows how suicide is a tragic problem and curbing the number of suicides is the military’s one of the top priorities. Later in the article, Panetta is quoted saying that he thinks it is important to address soldier’s problems as soon as possible because they put their lives on the line every day to protect t...

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