The Sugar Trade Impacted The World Essay

The Sugar Trade Impacted The World Essay

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Michael Narbutt
Mr. Sagistano
AP World History
Sugar Trade
Sugar is not only a sweet substance used in coffee, cookies, and many other sweet tasting foods we love to eat and enjoy. It is truly a good that changed the world in many ways all the way back to its roots. In more than one way sugar is a useful and profitable tool, originating all the way back to the early middle middle ages. The sugar trade impacted the the Earth both socially and politically with the use of slaves brought to the Americas by the middle passage and other places. Economically, especially when prices dropped due to new technological improvements and slave abolishment all over the world. Lastly, the sugar trade impacted the world culturally, by leading to the complete emancipation of all slaves in the world and aiding to a slight destruction of the environment.
The sugar trade had a very large impact politically and socially. The cash crop known as sugar is a very rapid growing plant (Great Events From History). In order to handle the long and intense work of cutting down these sugar cane or beets and harvesting them for their sugar, the Europeans either from Spain or Portugal at first had slaves sent over from Africa (Great Events From History). The slaves from Africa were apart of the triangular trade between Europe, the Americas, and Africa itself. The Europeans would supply the African tribes guns in a trade for their slaves and would put these people chained up in the bottom of a boat and sail all the way to the Americas , where sugar was being grown most rapidly (Great Events From History). This brutal journey for the slaves as a whole was known as the “Middle Passage” (Great Events From History). Once the slaves arrived to Amer...

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...ld out in aiding to the end of slavery.

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