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Studying Programming at University Essays

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I remember the excitement when I first installed the ‘Turbo C’ compiler and wrote lines of code to display ‘Hello World’ on screen. I was a newbie in playing at compiler level then. With plethora of questions concerning the anatomy of computers and my curiosity at its peak, I was truly elated to call myself a ‘Programmer’.
I come from a family where education is always given top priority. During my primary and secondary education, I was a proud recipient of several awards for academic and extracurricular activities. I attribute my strong academic profile to the perennial support from my parents. My interest in computers grew as I did some basic programming assignments.
A simple quiz game in C language was the first application that I developed. Since then, I have targeted implementing much more complex applications. I enjoyed each lecture, lab and seminar that I have taken during four years of bachelor’s course. They have illuminated me with the innards of computers. My interests are well reflected in my grades. I secured 1st Rank throughout four years in my bachelor’s course in my college with an aggregate of 76.43% and 21st Rank in Mumbai University in final year among approximately 4000 students from different colleges. During third year of my course, I was awarded merit based scholarship from Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation that waived 40% of my tuition fee. All these achievements encouraged me to maintain my consistency in academics.
My predilection in modern computing platforms urged me to take up designing an arcade game for ‘Android’ smart phones as my final year project. I developed this game based on concepts of logic and physics where the player’s aim was to drive the ball to its destination. I wrote the application in jav...

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...nce from the University of Texas at Austin. After researching program details off your website, I think I have a clear understanding of your program requirements. I am extremely impressed by the faculty and research works at your university. ‘Byzantine Fault Tolerance and Beyond’ by Dr. Michael D. Dahlin is one such project that stupefied me. ‘InkTag: Secure Applications on an Untrusted Operating System’ is yet another paper that fascinated me. Given a chance, I would love working on such research projects.
I am confident that I can make most of the high quality education offered at your university which lays lot of emphasis on research and thereby enable me to make my own contributions to the ongoing work at your department. I believe the multi-cultural environment of the university will make me not only thought provoking but also socially and culturally enriching.

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