Studying Population Development With Climate Change And Human Health Essay

Studying Population Development With Climate Change And Human Health Essay

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As of July 2015, the Earth is home to 7.3 human beings. And even with high death rates of those who live in poverty, the world’s population is expected to increase to 11.2 billion by the time 2100 rolls around (Quick Facts…). This rapid increase has put us in a predicament; we are left to answer questions about our home’s ability to sustain itself as a home for our future generations. Studying population growth in accordance with climate change and human health is an important aspect of understanding how to best intervene in this situation. While that may have seen straight forward, the idea of “more people, more problems” is naïve at its core. It fails to recognize that complications arise when population is couples with issues such as agriculture, urbanization, and climate change.
From the beginnings of human existence, we have prided ourselves on being hunter-gatherers. But this way of life was soon replaced by sedentary farming. Before agriculture was commonplace, the main source of nourishment came from animals. As animals are mobile, this required the people hunting them to be mobile as well. This nomadic lifestyle required the population to be quick, cunning and lean in order to keep up with their prey. Those that did not meet these standards struggled to survive in those conditions. Agriculture’s main intention was to reverse this trend; it allowed a population to stay and maintain food in one area, erasing the need for experienced hunters. The inhabitants were free to cultivate their own livestock and plants, paving the way for the formal domestication of plants and animals (Manning 2004).
With the rise of mainstream agriculture came the rise of grains. Grains were regarded as a dependable source of food for the populat...

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...sometimes uncomfortable to wrestle with, but making sense of these questions is the first step to fixing the problem. Countless migrations occur every year due to the effects of climate change. Individuals are often inflicted with circumstances like drought, deforestation, and natural disasters in general. These events affect population migration which in turn affects the growth of a population (Patz).
The relationships between population growth, changing environments, and human health are intricate. These complications allow us to see that population growth by itself isn’t necessarily a harmful concept. The issue is best relieved when taken into account with factors such as agriculture, urbanization, and climate change. These three things contribute to how we understand and study the relationships between population growth, changing environments, and human health.

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