Studio City Rehabilitation Center And Valley Palms Care Center Essay

Studio City Rehabilitation Center And Valley Palms Care Center Essay

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The two Nursing Homes that I will be comparing are: Studio City Rehabilitation Center and Valley Palms Care Center within the San Fernando Valley. The Studio City Rehabilitation Center is rated as a low functioning site at 2 out of 5 stars, while the Valley Palms Care Center is rated as a high functioning site at 4 out of 5 stars. Both sites have differences and similarities regarding their overall environment, staff members, quality of measuring/ensuring care, and overall rating on the Nursing Home Compare Medicare website. These varying factors have resulted in the quality of health care for both sites to be different from one another, as evidenced by their rating differences and my observations.
The Studio City Rehabilitation Center is in Studio City, CA and located on a major street, allowing drivers who enter and exit the facility to have great difficulty. The overall outside appearance of the Rehabilitation Center is clean and well kept, however, when I arrived staff members were smoking cigarettes outside of the building even though there were “No Smoking” signs placed on the facility (luckily the cigarette smell did not make it to the inside of the facility). Once entering the building, it is obvious the facility is old. The cleanliness of the building is questionable and the airflow in the building is semi nonexistent. The building is very large (181 beds) and offers many different rooms for individuals to reside in. Individuals can stay at this Nursing Home in a private room to themselves or in a semi private room with another individual who needs care. I noticed that the rooms for the individuals were less than well kept. The residents had urine on their sheets or on the floor, allowing this to be a cleanliness hazard....

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...per day, Certified Nursing Assistant hours per resident per day, and Physical Therapy hours per resident per day. This shows that hours are being put in above the required minimum, indicating that a great amount of time is spent ensuring the quality of care for each resident. However, the Studio City Rehabilitation Center has double the amount of residents than the Valley Palms Care Center, indicating that more hours per resident per day should be spent on their residents. The various interdisciplinary team members should not rush through care to quickly cater to the next resident. If the care is rushed through then the quality level will diminish. The Palm Valley Care Center received a 5 star for their quality measures because they are going over the bare minimum to make sure their residents receive a proper amount of time and care from each of their staff members.

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