Essay on Student Service Proposal: Campus Escort

Essay on Student Service Proposal: Campus Escort

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Safety. This is the top priority for most Universities. Safety is important because without it danger can take the life of a dear student along with their financial contribution to the school. But it is even more important because if something were to occur to a student it could taint the University’s reputation, meaning that the school would have to live with it’s students being in fear that the same thing could happen to them. For example, Brianna Denison a resident of Reno, Nevada was kidnapped from her friend’s home. She was sexually assaulted and then murdered. (Gary C. King, “The Murder of Brianna Denison,” Although she did not attend the University of Nevada, Reno, she is a horrific prime example that even in small cities such events like this can occur. Safety is the number one priority for this University, and one of our safety assets, Campus Escort, needs some improvements to maximize the security and safety of the students on Campus.
The exact nature of my issue is the student service, Campus Escort, which the University of Nevada, Reno provides to its students. This student service is funded by a fee that the students pay every semester and it resembles a taxi except that it can only travel in a two mile radius of the school. This service should have more funding and should change a few of its policies along with its operating hours this way it is more of a convenience for the students and so it can protect them to the fullest.
Currently the operating hours of the Campus Escort are from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (“Campus Escort,” However, it can only take students to or from buildings that are open on-campus, most of which are closed by midnight. Knowing this we should push back the hours of the escort s...

... middle of paper ... tainted.
My solution to the problem is to change the operating hours of the Campus Escort and to change some of the policies they have, one being denying intoxicated students to take it. If we change some minor things the campus escort service can protect the students and use its funds properly. In turn if we provide the student’s with the safety and security they deserve we can make the University have a more positive image and show the country that we have taken action at the cost of Brianna Denison’s life. By adding to the security of the University we can draw in more students and can start other building projects with the help of their funding. We can also receive more funding by asking for a grant from the government for the student’s safety. Campus Escort can impact our University in the most positive way and bury the tragic past that has occurred in Reno.

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