Student Athlete Success : Meeting The Challenges Of College Life Essay

Student Athlete Success : Meeting The Challenges Of College Life Essay

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Fertman, Carl I. Student-athlete Success: Meeting the Challenges of College Life. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2009. Print.
According to the book, many students do not take their time to think about why they usually participate in sports and what they intend to gain out of the participation. The author of the book find this facts very surprising as no man in his right senses would accept a job without finding out what they would gain out of their dedication to the job. The case is mostly seen in the student-athletes who are seen participating in the sports nearly every day without having a clear definition of what is in it for them. The author points out that “it is normal not to be paid to participate in the college sports but he then argues that there are a couple of things that one could get out of the unique experience”.
The author of the book is said to be one of the prominent writers who have made remarkable history in their career. The positive reviews on his works makes many research students use his book in their research studies. The fact he uses in describing what he believes makes his work appear among the most credible sources to be used in research papers.
Nitardy, Nancy. Get Paid to Play: Every Student Athlete 's Guide to Over $1 Million in College Scholarships. New York: Kaplan Pub, 2007. Print.
Get paid to play is another handbook for college athletes that are seen to have interest in playing sports in college. The book is found to have an intention of helping athletes get recruited by colleges that best match their levels of play in any of the divisions of the college athletics. Among the insights found in the book is “detailed information about athletic scholarships opportunities”. It also...

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...letic department operates as separate business and little or no connection to the academic departments in school”. From these points, it is easily seen that the sporting association majors most on the positive outcomes of the sport rather than the benefits of the individuals who have seen through the success of the sport.
The author of the book makes the publication a special article that can be used in the research as she has a reputable and respected history in the field. The previews of her work are also an inspiration that can drive one to use the book in the research papers as all the positive comments suggest that the insights in the book are from credible sources. The author is also seen to employ some of the references from among the best credible sources that make the book appear to be one of the best sources that can be implemented during the research.

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