The Struggles Of Life Of A Poor Family Essay

The Struggles Of Life Of A Poor Family Essay

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The struggles of Life
In the 1970s, my father lived in Romania which was controlled by communist government at the time. The government gave a low income to all the citizens in the country, the low income that was gave to my father parents wasn’t enough to provide for the family. The family had a choice to make, stay in Romania and continue to struggle, or move to a new country to seek a better life. My father left Romania and came to the United States seek a change in his life. In a poor family, there are going to be changes, families are going to make sacrifices just to meet their needs. Some like Alvarez father had to sacrifice everything just to make sure he had a future. When coming to America, The Dayag father had to change their personality from shy to an out spoken role model just to compete with others for an position a civil engineer company. The Chiapas family had to experiences change when the father of the family was arrested for being an illegal immigrant, and the family had to work hard just to provide a family of six without having a father figure. For an working class family, working hard, making changes, and taking sacrifices are needed to be able to provide for the family.

Sacrifices have to be made if you want to move forward in life. Alvarez father sacrifice from being in the middle class to working class so he wouldn’t suffer a terrible end from El Salvador rebels. The rebels wanted to kill Alvarez father for the planes he own so he moved to the United States for safety. Even though Alvarez father came to the United States to avoid getting killed he still had a tough having to work 30 years just to get out of the working class and back into the middle class(Arnoldo Alvarez 4). Alvarez father 's escape...

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... work really hard just to make it out of the middle class.
In the community, a working class citizen are going to show signs of struggle throughout their life. Alvarez Father “move from middle class to working class, working his way up to middle class for the past 30 years” (Arnoldo Alvarez 4). It not an easy process to get out of the working class. My father takes side jobs to make extra money so he can provide for the family. These side jobs are considered against the rules at my father’s job because they don’t go through the dealership registrations and the consequences could get him fired.But that the sacrifices my father is willing to make, because without those side jobs my family would really be struggling to pay bills and other needs. That 's what a working class family do, sometimes they have to make a risky move just to get of the struggles of being poor.

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