The Structure Of The Earth Essay

The Structure Of The Earth Essay

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Lesson 1- tectonic plates
Children revise to know that the crust is the thinnest top layer of the earths structure, they also need to know that it is made up of two types of plates continental which carries land and oceanic which carries the ocean ("plate tectonics | geology", 2015). They will also revisit the mantle, learning its place in the structure of the earth. (“BBC-GCSE: The structure of the earth 2016). The children will learn that the crust is where the tectonic plates are located while the mantel is what influence their movement. The mantle structure will be need for teachers to know such as its make up of semi-molten rock called magma. In the upper parts of the mantle the rock is hard, but lower down the rock is soft and beginning to melt, causing convection currents which influence the movement of tectonic plates ("plate tectonics | geology", 2015). ‘Churning currents in the molten rocks below propel them along like a jumble of conveyor belts in disrepair’ (Society, 2016)
Children learn that tectonic plates are the huge sections that make up the earths crust and are continually moving. The interactions along the edges of these plates are called boundaries, where they converge, diverge, or slip past one another (Science & Earth, 2016) causing natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanos.
Continental drift is the theory of the earths continents moving, the plates are always moving but they only move a few centimetres a year (”plate tectonics | geology", 2015) This Dynamic Earth, USGS", 2016). The earth used to only have one supercontinent called Pangaea, but due to continental drift it broke apart into the continents we have today (Science & Earth, 2016).
They will learn the properties of the different boun...

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.... The effect of volcanos has been shown in a table, this table breaks down the effect on the environment and society/economy both the positive and the negative. By breaking down this information into section it helps students to digest the information.
Maps have also been used in the presentation to show the children the location of volcanos, the map used depicts the different volcanos. However their are links included for the children to explore that are more recent, one link shows the active volcanos while the other shows recently/currently erupting volcanic activity. This enables children to become involved learners.

Throughout all these lessons children are also given the opportunity to research on their own. This gives the children an opportunity to dive further into the topic, they can investigate what interested them or clarify points they didn’t comprehend.

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