Essay about Strategic Opportunities Analysis Of Walmart

Essay about Strategic Opportunities Analysis Of Walmart

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Strategic opportunity for the organization solutions for it.

For the strategic opportunities analysis of Walmart, they are mainly about expansion and improve its business practices. Those opportunities are linked to the federal government, global economic situation and also technology. In this portion of the analysis, we have created a table that briefly summarized the opportunities and solutions that Walmart need to take action in order to receive benefits.

Political Opportunities
• High Stability of Political
• Political Support for Globalization
• Work with government on policies and tax benefits for support of future global expansion.
Economic Opportunities
• Stability of major economies
• Continued growth of developing countries
• Global Strategy Development
• Focusing on business in developing countries in Asia
Technology Opportunities
• Increasing business automation
• Business analytics or big data
• Increasing mobile device usage among customers

• Implementing customer big data analytics
• Improve the accessibility of mobile applications
• Improve the functionality of the website

Political Opportunity:
Walmart is the beneficiary of billions of dollars every year from government subsidies. According to the report from non-partisan, the estimation of collectively profit for Walmart is nearly $7.8 billion dollars per year from government subsidies and tax breaks. Therefore, federal government is definitely an opportunity that Walmart need to work with in order to receive huge benefit from it. Walmart need to analyze the government policies that are related to its business like laws for tax, labor and some other policies that may affect the operation of Walmart. According to the Walmart Ana...

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...cked software and business intelligence software from Oracle and HP. Walmart could outsource its IT system to those companies in order to reduce costs and become more decentralized.

Another serious issues for Walmart is that there is a disconnection between Walmart and customer that caused by the defects of information system. As I mentioned before, customers could not find what they expect to buy in the supermarket or on the The best way to solve the problem is to improving the current existing information system so the potential solutions include implementing customer big data analysis based on online CRM, implementing on Walmart’s mobile application which is more accessible to users, utilizing online social media marketing strategies such as blogs to reinforce the value of its brand online advertising and build Walmart IT’s customer focused agenda.

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