Strategic Leaders And Top Level Management Essay

Strategic Leaders And Top Level Management Essay

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Strategic Leaders and Top-Level Management in an Organization
Strategic leaders provide the direction, vision, purpose for growth, and context for success of an organization. The most effective organizations are preparing now for tomorrow’s leaders, precisely seeking future leaders that possess qualities that include ambition, strong training skills, leadership skills, and those who transition into change well (“Five key traits,” 2013). Furthermore, understanding how culture ties into an organization and the influence that top-level managers have in organizations is very important.
Characteristics of Strategic Leaders and the Role of Culture
The distinguishing characteristic of strategic leaders compared to team-level employees is that it implies responsibility for achieving goals and the balance of the organization’s needs. Strategic leaders design structure, allocate resources, and display the organization’s vision. In addition, they work in ambiguous environments on challenging issues that have the potential to influence many involved. Strategic leaders hold traits that lead to superior performance. A few of those traits include loyalty, self-control, constancy, reliability, motivation, compassion, wise use of power, social skills, and they must have the potential to understand the work environment (“Five key traits,” 2013). Those who are strategic leaders have the ability to understand information and the ability to recognize and relinquish opportunities. For example, they have the capability to provide solutions in situations promptly and thoroughly, ensuring that the solution provided is accurate and the situation is handled in a timely manner. Also, they have the skills to switch their mindset quickly and are flexible to ...

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...rience. Without top-level management companies would lack a great deal or structure and organization.
Strategic leaders, culture within an organization, and top-level managers play a major part in a company. Strategic leaders provide the direction, vision, purpose for growth, and context for success of an organization. A leader’s success depends greatly on their understanding of the role of culture in an organization. In addition, top-level management forms the foundation for the company and how it operates and the lower levels of management take care of all the other tasks. The most operational companies have strategic leaders, a firm understanding of culture’s role in the workplace, and top-level management. The success of the company depends on the important decisions made from top-level managers and on how middle and lower level managers lead others.

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