The Story Of The Greek Goddess Hebe Essay example

The Story Of The Greek Goddess Hebe Essay example

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This artwork created by Gavin Hamilton shows the story of the greek goddess Hebe. Hebe is the goddess of youth and is the cuperbarar of the goddess. This means that she serves nectar to the gods and goddesses. She is mostly always shown affairing nectar to her father, Zeus, in disguise as an egal.
There various types of lines in this painting, curvilinear lines dominate. The curvilinear lines are found in the way the woman 's body is positioned, the eagles wing and claws, the way the woman’s clothing in draped, the leaves, and in the spout and the handle of the pitcher. Diagonal lines also are shown in this painting. These lines can be found in the woman’s arm that is exposed, the lines of sight from the woman to the eagle and the position in which the head of the eagle is. These two types of lines help convey a sense of movement, curvilinear lines are also very pleasing to the eye. Another type of line that is shown in the painting is horizontal line. This type of line is found in the design of the pillar that the eagle is standing on. This painting also includes an implied line. The type of implied line is line of sight, this line goes from the woman to the eagle. Then form the eagl to the arm of the women, which brings the attention back to the woman. This painting is a linear painting, which makes the painting very sharply defined and crisp.
The most dominant shape in this painting is the circle. The circular shape can be found in the face of the woman, the shape of the bowl, the exposed breast, the curl of the woman’s hair located at the back of her neck and a circle is created with the draping of the yellow and the blue clothing of the woman. Furthermore there is a huge oval shape that is created with the wing and the ...

... middle of paper ...

... the left but the artist made the left side heavier by adding the darkened area in the bottom left corner. Then to make sure that the left side is not too heavy the artist added the blacked are of the eagles wing. This helps make the painting more pleasing to the human eye.
The focal point of the painting is the woman. She is the focal point because he is centralized, had bright light on her, has more vivid colors. This helps the view know who is the subject of the painter.
The woman’s proportion is and scale are enlarged. The woman 's hands seem like they have been enlarged. The woman takes up so much space for the painting making her seem humungus. The eagles wing is very large compared to its body. The eagles body is correct to the normal scale. The monumental figure of the woman, the big hand and the large wing of the eagle help emphasize those parts of them.

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