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  • The eye

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    How Do We See? Seeing involves more than opening our eyes. Through simple and fun experimentation the class will learn how the interaction of light, the eyes and the brain create the world we see. How Do We See? Our eyes are constantly feeding information to us. When we are born our eyes need time to get used to seeing and understanding what exactly it is that you are seeing. Given time and experience the eyes learn to take in light, focus it and send information to our brain. All that you have

  • The Eye And Laser Eye Surgery

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    A Functioning Eye (Emmetropia) The eye is the organ of sight. It is used in almost everything we do, from playing sport to reading. A normal and well functioning eye can focus objects and images, both near and far, perceive depth and adapt to changes in light. The perception of depth is due to having two separate eyes creating two separate images, while the ability to adapt to light change is attributed to the iris and the dilator muscles. However these two aspects of the eye are not involved in

  • Optics Of Eye: The Optics Of The Eye

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    Optics of the Eye The component of the eye is optically same as the usual photographic camera. It has a cornea, pupil, lens and retina. (1) Cornea The cornea of the eye is transparent, curved that acts as the cap of the eye which protects the eye from dirt, microorganisms and other harmful substances.(2) It is also important for about 75% of the eyesight. Its clarity and the curvature will affects the eye by how greatly it can focus on an object and produce an image. However, 10% of the incident

  • The Process Of Eye Tracking (EYE Tribe)

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    Eye Tracking(EYE TRIBE) Tejashvi Nivatkar 2015254, Section D, E-mail: Introduction Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. Eye trackers are used in research on the visual system, in psychology, in psycholinguistics, marketing, as an input device for human computer interaction, and in product design. There are

  • Eye contact

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    A common phrase used about the eyes is that, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” This phrase is not necessarily true; however, it gives a good perspective on how people use eyes to judge a person’s character. First of all, eye contact is a great communication tool and can be used effectively in social situation. Second, a teacher can use eye contact to help their interaction with students. Third, employers want a future employee to have good eye contact to know that the employee is listening and

  • Essay On The Eye

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    Vision One of the special sense organs is the eye. The main structures of the eye are the sclera, choroid, and the retina. The sclera is known to protect the outer layer of the eye, the sclera have six tiny muscles that connect to it to help control the eye movement. The main function of the choroid is to prevent the scattering of light via the pigmented vascular layer. The choroid is divided into four parts: the haller’s layer, sattler’s layer, choriocapillaris and brunch’s membrane. The iris and

  • The Human Eye

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    The human eye is one of the most complex organs in the body that can be easily taken for granted. It is an organ that is susceptible to various disorders such as glaucoma, which can eventually lead to impaired vision and blindness. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. Currently, there are no cures for glaucoma. There are, however, treatment options such as medications, laser procedures and surgery to slow the effects of glaucoma to prevent the progression of blindness from occurring

  • The Human Eye

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    The Eye is the organ of sight. Eyes enable people to perform daily tasks and to learn about the world that surrounds them. Sight, or vision, is a rapidly occurring process that involves continuous interaction between the eye, the nervous system, and the brain. When someone looks at an object, what he/she is really seeing is the light that the object reflects, or gives off. This reflected light passes through the lens and falls on to the retina of the eye. Here, the light induces nerve impulses that

  • bluest eye

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    critique of the visual system within popular American culture and her rejection of white-defined female beauty are reflected in her first novel. Morrison's The Bluest Eye reveals the crippling effects of white standards of female beauty on a young black girl, Pecola Breedlove. This is done through the constant references to blue eyes and the comparison to vision as a whole; the way the characters view themselves, others and the world as a whole. This allegorical novel can be said to make statements

  • Astigmatism In The Eye

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    There is a very common problem which affects the eyes called astigmatism making it very difficult for people to see clearly and the vision becomes blurry. This causes an inability on the eyes to focus on general things from close up and from a distance; therefore, a person’s vision would not be able to distinguish at a very precise look. There are two types of astigmatism: Regular, also known as “toric curvature” and it’s caused by the optical shape that arises from either the cornea or crystalline