Miracle of St. Dominic

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The chosen art work is "Miracle of St. Dominic." This painting is a tempera on panel, painted by the Renaissance artist Taddeo di Bartolo, in the year thirteen sixty three. The painting is currently housed at the McNay Art Museum, measuring approximately 10" high by 10" wide. In this particular painting we are witnessing a miracle by St. Dominical. There are spectators and a horse that lays above the man in red, who St. Dominical has brought back to life.

Bartolo's painting is asymmetrical. Viewed at eye level, if we were to fold it in half, the horse would not lie evenly on top of itself. Its facial features and its long neck would not be symmetrical with the rear end of its body. Although the spectators and St. Dominic are in a normal proportion and scale the spectators they would not be able to lay symmetrically either. Consequently, because of where and how they are placed on the picture plane.

He also illustrates principles of design. If you were to place a vertical line on the picture plane the two sides would balance each other out. The painting can also be divided half horizontally by the implied divisional line above the horses head and the sword of the man who St. Dominic has brought back to life. Contour horizontal lines that give the expression that the dead man on the ground is sliding out of the picture plane, and dominate the bottom of the painting. On the top of the picture plane, behind the spectators is the brightest intermediate color, which is red orange that gives the impression of a sunrise.

The sunrise in this painting is considered the vanishing point; there is no reference to clouds, sky or land. Even though there isn't any man made objects the giant rocks or mountains have parallel lines that exceed to the sunrise. There is also two focal points in this work of art. To emphasize the focal points Bartolo uses elements of design. One of the focal points is the horse which is located in the center of the picture plane. The horse does not gasp all the attention it also permits the viewers to focus on the second focal point, which is the man in red kneeling down in front of St. Dominic. The color red attracts our attention to this man. There are also line of sight directed to him by St.

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