Story of a Foreigner's Education

Story of a Foreigner's Education

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Where I am Today

It was a beautiful sunny day in the summer; it was my mother’s birthday. There was a lot of people and food. My mother was turning thirty nine. She works for home health aid agency as a homemaker. Taking care of disable and old seniors at their house or one of the homes that the state provides. Also she’s stylist, doing peoples hair, nails, and waxing.
August 2006, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a sickek house. I’ve said to her okay. A sickek person is someone that is born with natural, spiritual gift that can read cards, hands and tell your past, present and future. Next day in evening we were driving to that person’s house. When we arrived there was a huge house on my right hand side and a tree in front of it. The house looked hunted that’s being there for decades. When we entered inside the house it was so nice and neat, the decorations were perfectly matched with everything. In the spiritual room was full of statues all around, and there was a lot buckets of flowers and roses, also many candles of different colors. As soon as I entered into the room I felt such a peace and a funny feeling that is unexplainable. After few minutes later a men comes in and introduces him self to us, he started talking to my mom I step outside of the room so she could have her privacy. Half hour later she comes out with a smile in her face and says to me “wow he knows a lot”, then she said is your turn now go in. When I went in he started telling me things that only me and god knew such as struggles in my childhood, emotional feelings that I had towards my father that I didn’t grow up with. He also told me that I was going to a medical school and I was going to be certified as a nurse. At the time I had a job working in a milk company as a clerical assistant, I wasn’t thinking of going to school because I just wanted to work. He kept talking to me and telling that everything in my life was going to change but I just looked at him and said yeah whatever. After the consult I was so comfortable that I felt like I knew him all my life.

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On my way living he came outside and said if I had any problem or If I felt talking to someone that I could pass by or call him, I said to him thank you.
In October, I received a letter thru mail from a medical school. Next day I called to talk to a representative to get some information about the courses and hours. The information they gave me was great if I wanted to go to school I could attend at night and the classes will start in December. Following week I went to register to go at night as a medical assistant, it was one year course. One year later I graduated and took a national exam so I could become a national medical assistant. While attending school I started dating the sickek men Duany. We started going out to restaurants, spending more time together, talking a lot more on the phone. He’s a truck driver, works for a big company Regengy Distributors. He’s being working there for 4 years.
March of 2007, we decided to get an apartment together. We moved to a nice small town in New Jersey. The apartment was comfortable, it had two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Two weeks later I received a phone call from a medical office for a job opportunity to set up an interview. Everything went fine and I got the position they were offering as a medical assistant. Unfortunally, after eight months of working I found one of the doctors having an affair with another doctor in one of our location. Next day when I went to work my manager “Gloria” tells me I have leaved the office that I wasn’t no longer an employee. I asked her why? What did I do wrong? She said that I was making to many mistakes and I wasn’t doing my job right. I’ve said to her that wasn’t true because I always did my job right and I was on time to work everyday. When I was picking my things up she comes close to me and says “you know what Yesenia I always loved your work, but I can’t do anything when it refers to doctors”. She said Dr. Budd called me this morning at my house and told me to fire you. When I was living at the door I’ve said to her, thank you for the opportunity and I’ll keep it in touch.
Since my fiancé and I move together there were a lot of maps around the house and every time I used to take a look at the map it was open in the same page with directions to Texas. At the beginning of the relationship he told me he’s plans were moving to Texas later on. Three months later he tells me that he wanted to moved to Texas. I’ve said to him “no” because the first thing the came in to my mind was my family. I always live with my mom, and two brothers, and I knew not leaving around them was going to be really hard for me. They are the most important thing in my life.
May of 2008, we were going thru ruff times in life. The economies in our society were going up, such as rent, food, ect. At the time I wasn’t working it was just Duany paycheck paying everything. One night he asked me again to move to Texas to start a new life and I said to him okay. I’ve told him that I wanted to reach my goals in life. I wanted to attend to college and get an associate degree as a register nurse.
On May 31, 2008 we packed our clothes and the important things that were necessary and took our savings started driving to Texas. It was night time, it was raining and foggy you can barely see a thing. We put our mind positive saying that everything was going to be all right. Before leaving the house we checked how long was going to be the trip it was going to be twenty seven hours. On our way driving we stop to take some rest at night but most of the hotels they don’t accept pets and if the accept them you have pay for the animal. First night we went to three different hotels, first one was at comfort suites there were full, second at the holiday inn they didn’t accept pets, Third one was sleep at night there we had to pay $134 in order to bring up our cat with us. That was our routing every day, driving during the day and sleep at night till we have arrived to Texas. We didn’t say anything to nobody till we arrived to North Richland Hills, Texas. We started looking for an apartment and found one right crossed the street from college. Once we got the new apartment I call my mother and told her that I moved out state, she never agreed with it. She started telling me that I was an unravel daughter and that she didn’t want it to talk to me. A month later I called her we had long conversation and she understood that I’m a grown and married women. Also she knew that I moved to Texas for a better life.
Our cost living here in Texas is so much easier. My fiancé now has a new job at J.B. Hunt as a truck driver, he loves it. He’s being working there for four months now. And I’m not working right at this moment but I’m collecting and I’m attending at Tarrant county college as a full time student. Therefore, I’ll set my goals to own a nice house become a register nurse and also have kids to have a happily ever after life with my new family.
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