Stop the Sexual Violence! A Reading Responce to Sexual Violence is a Crime, Sometimes by Maya Mikdashi

Stop the Sexual Violence! A Reading Responce to Sexual Violence is a Crime, Sometimes by Maya Mikdashi

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Reading Response about “Sexual Violence Is a Crime, Sometimes”:
Stop The Sexual Violence! Stop It!
In the article “Sexual Violence is a Crime, Sometimes”, the author is Maya Mikdashi who is well known for writing about gender and sectarian issues occurring in Lebanon. The author addresses a very touching and interesting topic, sexual violence, which should be everyone’s because anyone, no matter what is his or her gender, could be subjected to sexual violence. Marital rape has been a very prevalent issue in Lebanon, and the civil law exempts the husband who attempts marital rape. Although marriage grants both partners rights to each other’s bodies, this doesn’t mean that the man has the right to sexually abuse his wife without being punished.
In this article the author’s purpose is to persuade readers, specifically the Lebanese citizens that marital rape is like any kind of rape. She lists several countries that consider marital rape a criminal deed, unlike Lebanon whose culture and religious authorities have made it seem a very normal issue. Also, the author shows that Lebanon’s regulations and rules don’t give equal rights to both males and females. Finally, she calls for all Lebanese people to participate in the upcoming protest against rape including marital rape in order to change the law that protects it.
Moreover, the author uses various literature devices which are effective in delivering the message clearly to the readers, specifically the Lebanese citizens. They are the basis in building a very inspiring piece of writing that reach out for the readers and change their thoughts about marital rape in order to take an action and m...

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...n woman, while the unfortunate woman can't do the same thing if they decide to marry foreign man. Moreover, the most powerful privilege that the man has is that he could sexually abuse his wife, and no one could stand in his way or punish him just because religion gives him the legal right to do so (paragraph two). I can see that females are worthless in Lebanon, and his main cause behind this issue is civil law being correlated with religion.
In conclusion, men shouldn’t sexually abuse their wives even if they are granted rights over their bodies. It is unfair that they get exempted by the civil law for this criminal act. Lebanese citizens should stand together in the upcoming protest that the author was telling about in the text since rape including marital rape should be stopped, and any person of any gender could get subjected to sexual violence.

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