Steveston Village and Deep Cove- Canadian Tourist Attractions Essay

Steveston Village and Deep Cove- Canadian Tourist Attractions Essay

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Nowadays, lower mainland tourist attractions are one of the most attractive tourist destinations for people to go travel. They always locate just beside the big cities, but you can get many special things you can’t get in the big cities, such as the natural environment, local building, fresh air and peaceful feeling. Many people like to relax in the lower mainland tourist attractions at weekend. Vancouver is a city full of good lower mainland tourist attractions. Steveston Village and Deep Cove are two of the most famous lower mainland tourist attractions in Vancouver. According to the research of location, environment, and entertainment of Steveston Village and Deep Cove exhibits, we can found that both lower mainland tourist attractions supply an interesting traveling experience. However, Steveston Village’s is fitter for people who want to get fun while Deep Cove’s is suitable for people who want to relax quietly.

Firstly, looking at the location of Steveston Village and Deep Cove will helps to explain why both these two lower mainland tourist attractions are very amusing, but adapt to different people of different purpose. To begin, Both Steveston Village and Deep Cove are locating beside the water. Steveston is located on the mouth of Fraser River. And it is a once-boisterous frontier seaport and principal port on the Fraser River. Similarly, Deep Cove is off Burrard Inlet on the North shore of Vancouver, and it is hidden treasure at the entrance to Indian Arm. In addition, Steveston Village and Deep Cove are quite near the commercial centers. Steveston Village just besides the Richmond Centre and it is about 15 miles (24 km) south of Vancouver. Likewise, Deep Cove is just a 20-minute drive from Vancouver. However, there a...

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...k in Deep Cove. Overall, Steveston Village’s fishing style is fit for people who want to see the special things. Deep Cove is a place can give people opportunity to feeling the peaceful of the nature.

In conclusion, both Steveston Village and Deep Cove are excellent place to go travel. Steveston Village will provide a wonderful play land to people would rather have delight, whereas Deep Cove is ideal for people who want to quiet and cotton to natural world. The differences in their location, environment and entertainment have obviously show the reasons these two lower mainland tourist attractions are attract different kinds of people. Every coins has two sides, nothing is perfect. Both Steveston Village and Deep Cove are showing the example that if who can insist to keep his style and continue to make it better, it will attract more and more people in the future.

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