Essay on Stereotyping Within The Criminal World

Essay on Stereotyping Within The Criminal World

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Stereotyping Within the Criminal World
All people have some sort of opinion on how criminals become the way they are. Criminals becoming the way they are can be a result of stereotyping within the prison world or a variety of things from the outside world such as drugs, people, and media.
Murders, rapists, and nonviolent drug offenders stay in prisons all around the world. There are two types of people who are in prison. Those who hurt people and those who are nonviolent drug offenders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In order for prisons to stay operational they have a state budget and government money, which is provided by the taxpayers. Among the 40 states that participated a survey, the cost of prisons was $39 billion in fiscal year 2010, $5.4 billion more than what their corrections budgets reflected (Henrichson).
Fewer prisoners equals less money spent on keeping prisoners who only got into prison because of mandatory minimums. Why not let those who cause no harm to society go and participate in becoming a fair citizen of the world? Keeping people who deserve a second chance locked up is not going to help society in the long run. If every person in the world who has ever done something wrong was treated with the same mandatory minimums that “drug criminals” were treated with, there would be no outside world. Instead of sending nonviolent criminals to prison where it will cost more money for the taxpayers, send them to a rehab facility. Sending them to a rehab facility would give them a chance of getting straightened out and not have prison on their records, making it easier for them to get jobs after the fact.
People who have been labeled as drug offenders even though it may not have been their fault, get jud...

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...onically, drug dealers sell drugs a majority of the time to support their families and community. By doing so they are setting themselves and their families up for failure. One weak person at the bottom of a pyramid can have the whole thing come crashing down. The government should punish those who deserve it but save the ones that can be saved. If a person has a practically clean slate why should one drug be the end of their lives?
Families may not be the best, but that doesn’t mean that you will end up to be a criminal. The color of your skin does not mean that you’re destined to end up in prison. Having tattoos and piercing does not make you a bad person. Your gender is not a determination of what you will end up to do in life. The world has changed and hopefully for the better. Choices that you make are what determines who you are and where your life will go.

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