The State Of Our Unions : Qqtp Method Essay

The State Of Our Unions : Qqtp Method Essay

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The State of Our Unions: QQTP Method
Quotation – “In the past and still today, virtually all persons who were going to marry during their lifetimes had married by age 45” (Marquardt et al. 2012:64). From my own personal experience this quote makes a great deal of sense. I am 43 and I have never been married and it seems that the closer I get to 45 the comfortable I become with the idea of remaining single. From my early thirties through my mid-thirties still being single bothered me. I searched for the right man and desperately wanted to get married and have children. I constantly worried about what other people thought about my state of singlehood. I had family members and friends telling me that I was too picky. However, when I reached 38 that began to change. I stopped looking for the right guy and I stopped worrying about what other people thought. I still wanted to get married, but I came to the conclusion that if it was meant to be it would happen. Today at age 43 I am not sure that I even want to get married anymore. I am happy and comfortable being single. I find that I no longer regret not finding the right man, but I do still regret not having kids. I realize now that the main reason I wanted to get married was to have children. At this point children are highly unlikely, which may be the reason marriage no longer seems so important to me. This may be the case for others that do not marry for the first time after age 45 as well.
Question – Have we forgotten that children are the future of our society?
This report compares data form the 1960’s and 1970’s to data from more recent years. When comparing this data, it appears that we seem to have forgotten that children are the future of our society. We are having fewer chi...

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... is not right for them at 22 or 28 (Seccombe 2015:348). People that are religious may be less likely to divorce because they have more social support and because most religion frown on divorce. And depending on what religion the couple belongs to they may find getting a divorce very difficult (Seccombe 2015:350).
• Another disturbing trend that the study points out is the rise in the number of children that do not live with their fathers. The percentage of children that did not live with their biological father in 1960 was 17%, today the percentage is a lot higher at 34% (Marquardt et al. 2012:64). Children that do not live with their fathers do not develop a strong relationship with them, when compared to children that live with their fathers (Seccombe 2015:359). These children may also be at greater risk for emotional and behavioral problems (Seccombe 2015:359).

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