Essay on State Military Power

Essay on State Military Power

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Over the years, there has been a huge controversy over the importance of military power for states. Military power can be defined as an aggregate of a state's entire material and intellectual resources and its ability to mobilize these resources to achieve military objectives or to fulfill other tasks. Generally, military power is materialized directly in the armed forces (Krillov, 2005). A strong military force is also a necessity for other states who want to pursue goals that require intervention of other state’s sovereignty. With that being said, the big question remains “The most important factor in whether or not states get their way is always the amount of their military power” is true or false. My position on this statement is that military power has been the primary instrument nation-states have used to control and dominate each other and subtly use force to obtain their interests except in cases of asymmetric warfare. Asymmetric warfare provides states with weaker military power and alternative way to retaliate against adversaries which is a stumbling block for states with military power. However, apart from the asymmetric strategy, states usually inflict their strong military force to achieve certain goals. The significance of the military in state power is a legacy of the era of wars, expansion of territories and clash of ideologies.
Military power has been always been paramount. The entire history of the world is plagued with the limitations of dominant military powers, starting from ancient Rome, China, France in the 1700s, UK in the 1800s, etc. States with military power use two military strategies by liberalists and realists. The liberalist’s strategy is known as compellence and the realist strategy is deterrence a...

... middle of paper ... in other forms that their military strength cannot uphold. This is visible in the Vietnam War and terrorist attacks launched against the U.S and other dominant countries. Therefore, Military is strong and cohesive and helps dominant states enforce their desires on weaker but one thing it cannot sustain is asymmetric power.

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