Stakeholders ' Management : End User Engagement Essay

Stakeholders ' Management : End User Engagement Essay

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Stakeholders’ Management – End User Engagement
Description, Recognition, Analysis, and Synthesis
During the year 2007, my brother was working for a web-development company in Beirut that had established a price-competitive position in the market. That company was successful, for some time at least. The company’s strategy was to take shortcuts where ever possible to reduce the development costs so that the end-product’s pricing would be cheaper than their competitors thus winning customers over.
The company was generating profit, for some time, since most of their happy customers were companies that requested basic websites. These websites were simply a virtual representation of their products’ portfolio, or brochure, posted online in a visually attractive manner. However, the company also handled bigger projects where the clients wanted to build custom e-commerce platform that would enable their current clients to perform online purchases and to extend their reach in the market.
One particular project that the company handled led to great losses on the customer’s behalf since their investment went to trash by the end of the project, even though they had a functional e-commerce platform, they couldn’t sell online as the end-users were not being able to engage in the process.
Engaging users in system development and their success have been a main topic of research since the 1960s (Markus and Mao, 2004). Involving end-users in the development process directly links to the success of the information system. In order to shortcut the development process and reduce costs, the company of question here, failed to engage end-users in the development process of the e-commerce platform. The end result was a massive failure of the informati...

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... stakeholders’ analysis as they prioritized cutting costs over the success of the project. Therefore, in the future, if I am faced with a similar situation, identifying, evaluating and analyzing stakeholders will be the first top-priority task to achieve before ensuing with the project.
Moreover, I identified that if the developing company performed the stakeholders’ analysis they would have reached a conclusion of the influence of the end-users as stakeholders and the power/influence relationship of their requirements.
Hence, I provided literature that supports the importance and benefits of engaging the end-users in the development process.
In addition to that, I have provided a basic plan on how to involve the end-users. The plan is divided in to two steps in order to reap the maximum benefits of involving the end-users and to ensure the project’s success.

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