Sponsorship: A New Marketing Strategy Essay

Sponsorship: A New Marketing Strategy Essay

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For many years sponsorship and sports marketing have been in existence and has now been greatly improved. Hardly can organizers of major events expect to receive some funds without expecting to give something back in return. A couple of years ago, sponsorship could be regarded has more charitable or charitable, but in recent years, that has changed significantly. In the business world there are two main basics of any successful business, the first one is a market, and the second is a demand or customers in this market. These two things at least will sustain any new business nowadays. Many fundamentals come will later in this manner as the market study, place, products, price, promotions, and lots which they improve any kind of business more for higher points. Some main ways of increasing the brand name of any service or product around the world are advertising, and sponsorship. The two companies I am going to discuss are two leading companies in the market the first is an airlines company Emirates, and the other is Red bull the leading energy drink company. Both companies are into sponsorships, and support a big number of team’s individuals in many sport fields, and they are gaining a lot of marketing successes through this strategy. In this essay I will be focusing on sponsorship, and how it is identified as strategic marketing opportunity through the event sponsored, financial gain of the sponsorship or loses, gaps in marketing research between in companies in choosing the right time, place, and who to sponsor in a relation to the profitability later on, also the evaluation of the traditional and digital media for the event sponsored, and the evaluation of the fit between the sponsor- event sponsored. All these through the expl...

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... sponsorship as well as in the market, and they give us many products and services years ago, and of their main income strategies were through their sponsorships.

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