Speech On The State Of Human Rights Essay

Speech On The State Of Human Rights Essay

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Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Excellences, members of the United Nations General Assembly, and all who may one day hear this speech,

This evening, I have been charged with the responsibility of standing here before you all to deliver a speech on the state of human rights within our world today. Though I am enchanted and humbled that I have been selected to do this, I must admit something quite significant to you all. As the ninth Secretary General of the United Nations my heart is heavy. Truthfully, never in my life have I been so awestruck with the devotion of men and women like the very ones who are seated in front of me this evening. I have been edified by the experience of working alongside you all these past ten years. While working with you all, I have seen a commitment that truly can’t be matched. Though many people do not get a chance to see your hard work and compassion, we are all the beneficiaries of what you all do on a daily basis. It is because of our time together, where I have seen some of you at your lowest, that I feel so comfortable admitting a fear that I have. Never in my life have I felt so compelled to tell a people that I have worked so hard to lead that, I may in fact fail them.

Right this very second, in my own small village of Bogoso, Ghana, perchance another Isaac Cudjoe has been born. If his experience is anything like my own, he will be hurled into a community that he will believe to be lead by an undeclared code of unity, resiliency, and veneration for human dignity. Like all children deserve to receive in our world, he will be cherished by his parents, accepted by his neighbors, led by his teacher, and edified by his experiences. That small boy, although impoverished economically, will be...

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...al, at this very moment, many young girls and boy will be cherished by their parents, accepted by their neighbors, led by their teacher, and edified by their experiences. Regardless of this beautiful plot, if we allow them to grow ignorant of the injustices that surround the, we are insulting everything that is beautiful about that. Let us do all in our power to protect and sustain our children of the world. Whether our fight to promote peace survives is directly in our hands. You have individual responsibilities to ensure our mission is met.

I fear that I may fail you all because my passion may exceed your passions. I fear I may fail you all because one day I may find myself the last one willing to fight for what we fight for. I pray that you all prove me wrong. May our fight for peace be illuminated by our conscious effort to love, protect, and serve.
Thank you.

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