Essay about Speech : ' Heart Break '

Essay about Speech : ' Heart Break '

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Heart Break

After months and months of waiting for a decision, I had mentally come up with my own. The money didn’t seem as if it would come through for my brother and I to go to the private school my dad worked at, Hyde Park, so I was mentally prepared to stay at Cedar Park High School for the rest of my high school career. Everything seemed to be pointing at me staying there anyway, the guy I had been in love with since 7th grade asked to get back together the night before, this morning I had just run the Color Run with one of my best friends, and I had just finished hanging out with a group of my favorite people for a school project. It seemed as if God was calling me to stay at Cedar Park, and then when my mom came to pick me from my friends house, she said that one sentence that changed my life; “The money came through, welcome to Hyde Park.”
I couldn’t believe it. Up until this past weekend I was all for leaving my life at Cedar Park behind to go to a new exciting school where I knew no one but my brother. It had been a dream of mine since sophomore year, I wanted to leave p...

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