Essay on Speech Class : Speech And Presentation

Essay on Speech Class : Speech And Presentation

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Speech class has allowed me to give better speeches and presentations. I have improved various abilities in speech given. After speech class I still require improvements in various abilities. I will need to work on making improvements in the areas that need improvements. I found speech class to help me in other classes throughout the semester where I had to give presentations.
Through speech class I have learned how to make effective outlines, writing a manuscript, better powerpoint presentations, more comfortable in front of people and doing a speech with no notecard. Learning to have an effective outline helps with the manuscript. A manuscript that follows the outline helps makes writing the manuscript easier. Also having a manuscript helps you in knowing what to say and knowing what to say helps standing in front of people. Over the semester I have gotten more comfortable speaking in front of people. I have changed over the semester in terms of speaking in front of people. These are all abilities I have expanded on during the semester.
I learned how effective an outline is when it comes to writing a manuscript. I learned the difference between purpose and thesis. The purpose is what you are trying to say. The thesis is the central statement for your manuscript. The outline also helps in knowing your two points and subpoints that are going to be said. Together the purpose, thesis, main points and subpoints help when it comes to write the manuscript. They help by laying out what order the speech is going to help. I know having an outline like this will not only help me in giving presentations in other classes but also writing papers.
I learned that having a manuscript helps when giving a speech. The manuscript makes it easier t...

... middle of paper ...

...nd I know I will have to give more presentations. I know there there will never be perfection. Working on presentation skills will also help me being less of an introvert. Over the class I have become more confident in speaking in public. Betting eye contact and hand movement will also come along with practice. In speech class the biggest take away is practice.
Speech class has helped be become a better public speaker. It will not only help me in giving presentations but also in writing essays by using an effective outline. My abilities I have improved in class and abilities I need improvements on will become better with practice. Practice is the only way I am going to make improvements. What I have learned in speech class I have already used outside of class in other classes. Overall what I learned in speech I will continue to carry on when speech class is finished.

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