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I wish I were born in the 1940's to sprint the space race. Humankind cannot thank enough for the legacy this bustle has left in science and technology. During my initial visit to George Mason University, I met Dr. Gerald Cook and we talked at length about his work in control systems and robotics and the type of research work I could do with him. Soon I learned that Dr. Cook had worked for the Apollo program early in his career and at that instant, I could see it clear that I wanted to work with him.
My entire career has been in the field of robotics and controls, starting from my junior year project where I developed an obstacle avoiding robot with a PLL based IR range sensor interfaced to a micro-controller. During my final year project our team developed a speech recognition control system for the robot. This used the LPC model to process voice samples and a Dynamic Time Warping distance estimator to match the sample to a pre-recorded database. During my graduate education, I continued to focus on robotic control and helped my advisor model an image feature recognition algorithm called Scale Invariant Feature Transforms, to detect features from a stereo camera mounted on a vehicle. For my formal graduate research I developed a preview controller for a lane tracking wheeled mobile robot. Preview control utilizes future information on external disturbances such as path curvature, to improve the performance of a tracking system. My thesis focused on comparing the performance of several types of control algorithms to the preview controller.
Currently, I work for Orbital Sciences Corporation as a Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer and my work primarily involves the design and analysis of control algorithms for spacecrafts. I ...

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...t is to connect the foundations I have learned, to a practical application. Improving on this skill will prepare me for initiating research work especially in the field of space robotics. I consider a doctoral program as the framework for harnessing your desire to find and solve complex problems. I am aware of the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve I need to have for a fruitful career in research and teaching.
I am certain that the distinguished faculty and the individualized nature of the doctoral program at George Mason will definitely bring out the best in me. I would like to reiterate that I possess the background, the ability and the momentum to make a significant contribution to Control Systems. I hope you will take a favorable decision regarding my admission to the PhD program in Electrical Engineering and I cannot wait to return to my Alma Mater.

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