The Space Program : The World Superpower And A New Age Of Economics And Politics

The Space Program : The World Superpower And A New Age Of Economics And Politics

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When talking about the current space program, Neil Degrasse Tyson once said, “I got angry with America, because advancing is not just something you do incrementally. You need innovation as well, so that your advances are revolutionary, not merely evolutionary” (Tyson 3). America used to have the top space program in the world. Being first to the moon excited the country and gave everyone a sense of pride and fulfillment. Lately, though, we have been falling behind in space exploration. A successful space program is needed in America, and here’s why: we are losing our grip on the title as the world superpower and a new age of economics and politics is coming faster than we are prepared for. To be prepared for this new age we need the funds, which can be found in space. Not to mention, there are endless threats coming from space, and we do not currently have the technology to protect ourselves. Future advances in space can also be valuable to science. But first, the United States had been the world’s superpower for a long time, our country being first to the moon confirmed our dominance; no American wants to lose this title.
A few years ago the Pew Research Center conducted a survey asking people if they thought China has already or will replace the United States as the world superpower; 46% answered yes, that China has or will replace us (3). Americans are losing faith in the ability of our country to lead the world. Our economy has been on the decline and so has our lead in technology. If we wish to stay the world’s superpower we need to step up our game, and fast. China has been moving quickly in space exploration. They launched their first space laboratory in 2011, and they are planning to have people on Mars by 2040 (Renstrom ...

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...coveries. There really are cost-effective options for space travel. Once we have the money, the sky will never be the limit.
Space exploration is virtually endless. As far as we know, space goes on forever. A future for space exploration in the United States is extremely necessary. We are losing our title as the world superpower while a new age of economics and politics will bring lots of changes to our society. There is so much money to be made in space, it could be the biggest market in the future. Not to mention, there are serious threats coming from space, and we currently don’t have ways to protect ourselves. There are no limits to the future possibilities in space, and they are important to advance science. To quote Neil Degrasse Tyson, “Space exploration will continue to be viewed as a minor special interest- unless people see its fundamental value” (Tyson 5).

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