Space and Mars’s Habitability Essay

Space and Mars’s Habitability Essay

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Synopsis: This research involves discovering how Martian astronauts might deal with their supplies during a long- term mission to Mars and on Mars. The goal is to show that people can develop technologies to help humans survive in space and on Mars in the future, such as producing food, recycling water and air, and storing energy. The important technology is the Controlled Ecological Life-Support System (CELSS) that can help in dealing with the supply issues as well as some possible methods to make energy on Mars. The overall approach of this mission is to create background knowledge about space habitability for humans in the manned mission to Mars. Upon researching this issue, I have found that with such powers of invention people should have a breakthrough for long-term manned missions to explore another planet as far away as Mars.
Mars is a planet that humans would like to have a chance to go to in the future to find new things and build a human habitat on Mars, which has never been done before. This research is about Space and Mars’ habitability, and how we want to figure out how to keep humans living in a spacecraft and on Mars for a long-term mission, before sending manned missions there. We need to know what the astronauts should bring along and what they should produce during their mission. Also, we need to do research about technologies that are being developed in order to make long-term space travel habitable for humans, and to learn any limitations of the technologies. Knowing these facets can help people to prepare for human space flight to Mars.
One of the challenges is launching such mass of the spacecraft into space. To sustain human exploration on Mars, people could carry all supplies such as food, water, and fuel...

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