Essay about Soul Of Baptism : The Soul Baptist

Essay about Soul Of Baptism : The Soul Baptist

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Soul of Baptism
The soul Baptist shows what is Baptist mind very well. There are two strong principles to lead the Baptist.
First of all, according to Baptist magazine The Baptist, “Most early Baptists preferred to be baptized in “living waters,” that is, water that flows in a river or stream as opposed to water in a pond or baptistery.” It states relationship baptism and water. In other word, Baptism is sinking body fully into water. It is just not spay water with hand but sink body fully into water. It is a fact of Baptism. Nowadays, most Presbyterian church use to spray water with hand in their Baptism. However, Baptist considers to living waters. According to Sproul, “That’s why the use of water is at the heart of baptism. It is a sign of cleansing from sin, which is regeneration to new life in Christ. In the faithful action water have used for Baptism not part but whole.
According to classical Christianity, “The idea of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is this: Every Christian receives not only the Spirit’s work of regeneration, but also the Spirit’s empowering for participation in the ministry of the gospel.” That does not mean everyone is called to be a pastor, a preacher, or an evangelist, but every Christian has been set apart and empowered by the Holy Spirit. It seems like seventy elders of Israel. There is an important principle to get the Holy Spirit. Even only some believers in the Old Testament received the empowerment of the baptism of the Holy Spirit; every believer in the New Testament receives it. The Baptist emphasizes it strongly. In the Bible John said, “I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit”. (Mark 1:8, NIV) It shows that even though there is a distinction between wat...

... middle of paper ... because the infant cannot confession and confession and repentance of faith by themselves. According to Kelly, “Before then, if anything approximating to a creed was in use in the Church, it can have been nothing more elaborate than the simple baptismal confession “Jesus is Lord” or “Jesus is the Son of God”. The confession is in the Christ.
What does this teaching mean for baptism? Above all, Baptism shows a sign of God’s promise to regenerate God’s people, to liberate His people from original sin, to cleanse their souls from guilt and purify His people. Through it the people can enter into a saving relationship with Him forever. So all of what happens in the Holy Spirit’s work of changing us from the inside out is signified by the sacrament of baptism. It includes the meaning of Baptism. These two characters are very impressed to understand Baptism of Baptist.

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