Essay on Some Forms Of Subtle Sex Discrimination

Essay on Some Forms Of Subtle Sex Discrimination

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2. Using information from the appropriate reading, describe some forms of subtle sex discrimination. List and discuss some examples of each that we commonly see in society.

In the article "How Subtle Sex Discrimination Works", author Nijole V. Benokraitis discusses eight different types of subtle sex discrimination. Although this type of sexual discrimination may go unnoticed and considered normal behavior by the general public, feminists believe this behavior is having a negative impact on the equality of the female sex in the United States. We are going to take a closer look at a few of these more subtle ways women endure discrimination within our current culture.
The first form of subtle sex discrimination we will look at is friendly harassment. Friendly harassment is a little more obvious than some of the other forms described by Benokraitis. This form involves sexually oriented behavior such as sexual jokes or comments which may be embarrassing to females making them feel inferior to the opposite sex. Female blonde jokes are a great example of friendly harassment. These jokes, although believed to be playful in nature, serve as a way for men to demoralize females, making them feel intellectually ignorant compared to that of a man 's intellectual capacity. Describing jokes of a sexual nature in front of women also serves to demoralize females. Telling sexual jokes is a subtle way to show male dominance over females and portrays women as submissive sexual possessions. Portraying women in this fashion allows men to look down on women treating them as simple pleasure toys or as tools to produce offspring.
Subjective objectification is another form and is probably the most obvious and possibly the most demeaning form of subtle ...

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...e sex and referring to mankind as the entire human race, this quote really depicts the way men exclude women, leaving them to believe they are second-class humans contained by our culture.
As technology advances, the work place is becoming less physically demanding, allowing women to experience more and more progress in workplace equality. Women are now able to complete work duties which were previously thought to be performed only by men. No longer are women considered for just simple secretarial positions within the workplace, they are now holding important positions such as chief executive officers of major corporations, deans of large universities, and supervisors in manufacturing facilities. This will hopefully lead to complete equality between the two sexes within our entire culture and put an end to sexual discrimination of the female race in the near future.

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