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The Solstice Canyon Essays

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Solstice Canyon is mesmerizing places were the majestic serenity of nature and history are combined with the sight and sounds from the environment and the animals that inhabit Solstice. Many people have been attracted to Solstice Canyon for its gorgeous environment. When visiting the landmark the bright green leaves you feeling like you’re in a tropical rain forest but also leaving you feeling peace and relaxation. Solstice Canyon is a landmark filled with rich history from the Chumash, to Matthew Keller and the family, and Roberts left also left their mark for the history to be unveiled in the future.
The people who lived along the coast of California used the land for water, food, and shelter by the Chumash. It is also said that at one point they obtained over 7,000 square miles that started from Paso Robles all the way to the beaches of Malibu. The Resources that the Chumash had did not come from the land but rather from the sea, making them to enjoy more prosperous environment. In 1865 Matthew Keller built a stone cottage in the now known landmark of Solstice Canyon and as of to...

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