Sociology And The Social World

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Introduction The term sociology is used to refer to the scientific study of the social behaviors and the societal components like the origin, its developments, the organization structure, institutional networks and the manner in which all these factors are related or fit into one system. Sociology is categorized as a social science because it applies empirical methods of investigation as well as the critical analysis of situations in the development of a pool of knowledge related to social orders or disorders and social relationships. The main aim of sociology therefore is to provide an avenue upon which human beings can understand each other as well as the social process around them. The modern time sociology entails understanding the society in different perspectives and relates it to the manner in which the human beings fit in it (Ashley & Orenstein, 2005). Sociology and the Social World The interpretation of social world by application of sociological theories entails various themes which all arise based on the social setup and the social relationships. Sociology is applied widely in the Meritocracyzation and social interaction setup because it forms the base upon which conversation are created and exchanged. For a social interaction to happen, the individuals involved should know the social backgrounds of each other so that they can know how to address it. The study of people’s behaviors (sociology) contributes greatly enhancing a social interaction. On the other hand, sociology enhances that power is passed on and vested in the rightful way in the society (Stolte, Fine & Cook, 2001). Meritocracy involves given power and credit where it is deserved. The sociological skills of understanding and observation are used in determi... ... middle of paper ... ...behind such classifications and/or groupings. Sociology has enabled us to develop skills and norms that comply with the societal norms and values so that we do not behave or act in ways that contradict the values and beliefs that govern our behaviors (Ashley & Orenstein, 2005). Conclusion Sociology deals with the study of the human behavior, societal values and norms and the interactions between human beings and the various components that make up the society. The importance of society in the modern life is very evident in the way in which the people, institutions and the society interact and co-exist without conflicts. Alongside this, sociology is the basis upon which the humanity derives its cultures and behaviors. It is therefore correct to conclude that sociological plays a major role in defining the social world and helping us to understand our roles in it.
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